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Kreative Access Media endeavor is to produce high-quality content that is appreciated by audiences across the globe. Established in 2004, Kreative Access Media has grown from an Indian entertainment content provider and content generator to TV Producer for leading Indian GECs, and Music Producers as well as Producers of Music Video.

Besides, Producing Corporate videos is one of our forte; from marketing and product demos to training and eLearning videos, our copywriters with International experience, scrupulously perform research, and develop compelling script highlighting the key value proposition and the brand message outlined by the client. Our strong in-house graphics team develop visually appealing 2D animation focused on motion graphics, icon graphics, and character animation, and 3D simulation videos focused on products and character design.

In addition to working with professional Voice-Over artists in India as part of producing high-quality localized marketing videos, Kreative Access Media also works with professional English Voice-Over artists with American accent, and British accent to ensure that the final product is at par with global standards.

‘Advertising is the life of trade’ is the aphorism our team believes in truly, and with the passion for the art of visual storytelling, we extend the same as part of creating commercials for various leading brands.


Music & Video Production

Music Production

Lyrics/ Song Writing – Every song has a story to tell, and what better way to convey a message than a song. Our team will work with you to understand your concept and will write lyrics to align with it. If you don’t have a concept then, our creative team could suggest you ideas for the song based on different genres.

Music Composition – Musical composition is the process of making or forming a piece of music by combining the parts, or elements of music; and our Music Composers can create different forms of music in-line with the song concept and lyrics.

Music Arrangement & Recording – Arrangement is the art of giving an existing melody a musical variety. We work with leading music Arrangers to ensure that every aspect of the music is perfectly captured, from the tempo to the harmonization of the instruments, to bring to you only the best. We would work with you or the assigned/selected singer on recording of the vocals.

Mixing & Mastering – We work with the leading talent from the industry, on the mixing and mastering process. We ensure that each individual track is optimized by compressing, equalizing, making stereo enhancements, or adjusting the reverberation (echo) effect. This is supported with not just the latest software but also, specific hardware from barefoot and Neumann monitors, and SSL XRack with the G Bus Compressor, E Series EQ, to Neve 8816 Summing Mixer and looptrotter mastering limiter. This would ensure that the final output track sounds like the perfect music to your ears.

Music Video Production:

Video Concept – The concept of the song is key, and we assign talented Director and Visual Illustrator team resources on storyboarding of the visuals supported with the desired screenplay. The choreographer designs the dance sequence, and rehearsals are carried out at professional studios for the artist and the supporting dance crew members.

Location Recce – We would work with the Line Producers to recommend the locations to make for the ideal backdrop for your song video. Extensive recce is performed with the Director and DOP to ensure that the selected location adds to the perfect setting for the music video.

Music Video Shooting – A detailed shoot schedule is created with the Assistant Directors along with the Production Manager to ensure that the shoot is carried out in an organized and a professional manner; and most importantly the shoot is on-track to ensure it is completed in the assigned and agreed-on budget. Besides, the professional crew members with the latest equipment employed for the shoot schedule, ensure rich production quality of the Music Video.

Video Editing & Color Grading – Our Editing team ensures that the desired visuals are integrating with the audio in-line with the screenplay to ensure that story of the song is convincingly and beautifully conveyed by the music video. And our Colorists ensure that the video output is further enhanced for a much richer experience for the viewers.

Release & Promotions – Marketing your song to Music Labels – After producing an awesome music video, our next step would be to present it to the music labels and negotiate to get the best deal for you in terms of marketing and promotions. We would also work with you to further market the song on social media networks, and we could also develop specific content for the digital platform to further attract viewers.

To sum it all up, Kreative Access Media is your ultimate destination when it comes to Music and Video Production. Wait no longer for starting your career in the multimillion-dollar music industry. Contact Us today via email or call us to fulfil your music dreams.

TV Shows

TV brings families together, and we at Kreative Access Media truly recognize the power of this platform. Our team works closely with clients to conceptualize and produce novel shows. Our Pre-Production team creates scripts, crafts storyline and develops storyboard. Kreative Access Media’s forte is ‘Brand-fit’ TV shows, and we creatively integrate the key ‘brand’ messages in the show making it a value proposition for the show Sponsors.

Kreative Access Media Producers organize and coordinate each element of the show’s production and keep them all in sync on a set timeline and within budgets. Our Production is orchestrated by efficient crew members from experienced Directors and DOP to expert Sound and Light technicians, who ensure that the best output is generated as part of the Production effort.

Kreative Access Media’s in-house Post-Production team handles the video editing (offline and online) including setting the show timeline, and sound mixing, dubbing, and Dolby mixing, and Video color correction. We also manage the motion graphics and incorporate VFX & SFX. Our team also works closely with the Tech check teams at the GECs (Indian Channels) to ensure that the shows are packaged based on best practices guidelines outlined by the Channels, and the shows are approved for transmission on the Channels.

Kreative Access Media also works closely with leading Move Production houses, and Music Label companies in India, on the procurement of the movies songs and clippings, if it is a requirement to be integrated as part of the shows.

With our ongoing relationship with GECs, we work closely with the channels, to negotiate the best pricing for show slots for shows on their platform. (more…)

Ad Films – Corporate Film Makers in Mumbai

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere – Albert Einstein, and this is the principle that our ingenious minds at Kreative Access Media live by. We try to find the ‘creative connect’ between product and the prospective customers. Our team creates exciting concepts followed by an impactful story line that highlights the product USP. From Pre-Production with creating the Ad treatment to creating the storyboard, to handling the Production effort as part of the Ad Shoot, and editing and packaging the Ad with leveraging on our in-house experts focused on motion graphics, VFX and SFX, and packaging for delivery to linear and new media platforms as part of the Post Production effort, we handle it all.

Kreative Access Media’s ‘Bollywood’ presence helps in getting the right celebrity to endorse your product; we ensure that the famous face we choose adds more power to your
brand. (more…)

Corporate Video Production Services Mumbai

Kreative Access Media team works closely with the Product and Marketing teams to understands the Brand Media Strategy, and our in-house copywriters perform research and develop script highlighting the USPs outlined by the client. Our in-house graphics experts works on the creation of storyboard, and rich 2D info graphics, and 2D animation with motion graphics to further highlight the key message of the brand’s campaign in the B2B/B2C space.

Our in-house experts also develop 3D-simulation videos, focused on product demos, and architectural design and 3D rendering of the expected completed look of the project and specfic floor plan.

For Shoot-based Corporate videos, our production crew with professional creative directors, DOPs, and trained camera, light and sound technicians covers all the imperative aspects of your project, from personal interviews with key personnels, to candid shots of the client warehouse and the manufacturing and assembly plant, to Corporate campus and key highlights.

We focus on both fiction and non-fiction videos:
For fiction videos, Kreative Access Media casts actors that fit your work profile. Video role-play and Testimonials are also a popular way of promoting your company as People don’t want to be told what to buy; they want to relate to what they buy.

Non-fiction storytelling is an effective way of soft-selling your message, product or brand. With advertising getting smarter, the audiences have got smarter as well, and advertisers are increasingly looking for innovative ways to sell. Corporate Video Production Services is an ingenious way to do just that. (more…)




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Director, Creative & Strategy


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